At Kings Road Church we are passionate about young people.  We know that God is completely crazy about them and that He wants to see them shine and reach their full potential.  As a church we have a full-time worker who's sole responsibility is working with under 18's.  Along with Martin we have a team of trusted volunteers.

Our vision for the youth work is to be a group of young people that don't seek to hide away or blend in, but shine God's light brightly to Berkhamsted and the surrounding areas.  As a group we want to be a postive influence to our community as well as the rest of the church.  We strongly believe that God longs to use everyone, and therefore we seek to encourage young people to find their own personal way to serve God and then equip them to do so effectively. 

At the very heart of what we do is a longing for people to see God as the life-giving friend that He is.

What's going on...

EngageWe run a youth home group every Wednesday from 7.30pm - 9.30pm at Martin & Gabi's house. The group differs week to week but seeks to engage with contemporary issues within the lives of the young people. This group is about going deeper in our understanding and relationship with God. It is for school yeasr 9-13.

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Each Friday night we run a youth cafe at Kings Road Church from 7.00pm - 9pm.  At 9.30pm we have a detached team that go out onto the streets to care for the young people of our town. 

As part of this outreach we run workshops throughout the week teaching the young people skills or working on various projects; from wood workshops to manicure workshops



God is a lot bigger than Kings Road Church, and we are happy to work together with other churches to proclaim the name of his son, Jesus Christ. Refract is the name given to the united Christian youthwork across Berkhamsted, Northchurch and Tring. Refract organise united services and events, where young Christians from across the area can come together to share their common faith. Refract also organise an annual trip to the Soul Survivor festival in Somerset, when we spend a week camping together, eating together, worshiping together and learning about Jesus together. For more information, check out the Refract Facebook page.





As a church we are involved with a number of the local schools running RE lessons, lunch time clubs, Christian unions and assemblies.



We have regular new letters which give updates on what is going on within the Youth and Childrens work at Kings Road Church. Below is a link to the blog. 

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At Kings Road Church we hold the safety of any child in our care very highly. Below is a link to our child protection policy, please feel free to read it.

For more information about our youth work please contact Martin at